Brass Roots – the beginnings


Fantastic news!! Here comes Brass Roots

We’ve been awarded £10,000 from @heritagelotteryfund for our band history project ‘Brass Roots‘ thanks to money raised by National Lottery players!

Over the next year there will be many different opportunities to delve into record books, create a new oral history, launch a youth mini-project, reconnect with old friends and much more…

Get in touch with us if you would like to be involved.

Changes in the Development Band

We’re sad to announce that Lisa King is stepping down as the conductor of our fabulous Development Band due to other commitments.

Lisa has conducted the band since it started two years ago and her energy and enthusiasm have inspired many new and returning players – thank you Lisa!

This means we are recruiting for a new volunteer to lead this successful beginner band.  If you would like to take up the challenge, please contact Charmian Flowerday using our contact form by Monday 2nd October.

For the full story of the what the role entails, take a look at the  job description.


For the uninitiated, brass band contesting can seem crazy – and it is a bit. You spend about 4 months (on and off) practising one piece of music which culminates in 10 minutes of performance on stage to a pair of judges in a curtained cubicle.

On the plus side, it gives a band the chance to really get under the skin of a piece and to concentrate on technique. It brings the band together and puts a bit of pressure on us to perform – and it’s also a good day out!

This year – After a last rehearsal in the morning of Sunday 19th March – we made our pilgrimage to the Gordon Craig theatre in Stevenage. The fourth section is quite big (18 bands) so it’s split in two and we were in the first half of the draw. We had a little time before going on which can be spent listening to other bands, catching up with friends or looking at shiny new instruments for sale (and trying to resist the temptation to purchase). We went on stage as prepared as we could be and I was genuinely excited. We played. We waited.. and in the early evening we heard: 6th place!

The result was a good one for the band, and it’s a nice reflection that the band is secure in its new bandroom; we have a healthy number of regular members and an experienced conductor. Who knows what we could achieve next year, but for now bring on the summer programme!