Royston Town Band has a long history and many long standing members. As a result, there is a lots of archive material out there that maps the progress of the band over the years. Our aim is to gather together all the material we can to share and preserve it through our website.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the archive – if you have any old photos of the band or can fill in any gaps (when, who, where) please e-mail


Photo Archive

Spot the missing bandsman!

Click on the photo and see if you can add any details to our photos of the band from the 1920s to today?

OutingCard_250Memorabilia from John Doughton

In the 40’s and 50’s playing in a brass band for many was a way of life, and when something comes to light such as the papers and documents of a small town band it gives us a glimpse of times gone by…

Thanks John and Brian for sharing this with us.


Scrapbook cuttings

Many members of the band past and present have kept newspaper cuttings from local and national papers mapping its progress over the years.

Thanks to those who have shared their collections here…



Recordings of the band from days gone by…





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