November spotlight

Owen Simons came across this fascinating article in the 1959 Crow. A clue to our rehearsal venue timeline!

“The present band room at Market Hill would be due for demolition sometime in the near future… a bandroom should be built in the Priory Memorial Gardens with sliding glass panels partly of wood which could then be opened to any desired position… when the panels were closed the stand would afford the band a practice room and the instruments could be stored below the floor”

Would be so interesting to know what happened to this proposal!



April Spotlight

Rehearsal venues

As part of our Brass Roots history project we are putting together a timeline of places in Royston where the band has rehearsed.

We have good records for the current bandroom and the bandroom that used to stand behind the Manor House, but wondered if any of you have photos or information of where the band practiced before that?

Places we know of are… one of C Hinkins’ premises, a room above CT Cooper and Sons’ shop, the auctioneers at the top of fish hill, an estate agent at market hill, the old fire station, the priory park cafe.

Here is a great letter from the archive giving the band notice on Coopers’ rooms because we were being too rowdy after rehearsals!

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December Spotlight

A new photo for the archive from Adele. We had a great chat about this one in the pub and have most of the names, except Alec Alexander’s son – any ideas?

We think this is mid 1980s taken at the Watford regional contest.

From the top left…

Len Coote, ? Alexander, Adrian Sillence, Graham Smith, Hugh Jones, Brian Edwards, Tony Crouch, Graham Farnham, Andy Ball, Alec Alexander, John Doughton, Roger Simons, Slim, Peter Wellington, Jonathan Crouch, Nigel Butler, Franklyn Drake, Eric Baker,

Robert Cooper, Raymond Woods, Judy Smith, Stephen Bunting, Avril Reeves, Siobhan Walker, John Butler, Haulewen Jones, Adele Baker

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