January Spotlight

As part of our Brass Roots project we will be doing a monthly spotlight on an interesting ‘thing’ that we need your help with…

Still a bit behind, but here’s a photo of the band that we believe was taken after they won the Soham contest in 1923.

Joe Stockbridge, Bob Hinkins, Frank Greenhill, Francis Simons, Val Mitchell, Percy Hales, Sid Cooper (all cornet); Mr Hummerston (Drums), Alf Pearce (Tenor Horn), Lewin Seeley (Tenor Horn), Jack Hinkins (Tenor Horn), Charles Hinkins (Bandmaster), Isadore Vermalyn (Flugel), Harry Smith (Tenor Horn), Bill Ward (Baritone), Harold Jellis (Baritone); George Sharpe (Double B), Amos Greenhill (Band Collector), Cyril Craft (Trombone), David Beale (Trombone), Len Sharpe (Bass Trombone), Alf Smith (Euphonium), Jim Beale (Eb Bass), Sid Day (Eb Bass)

We had a really interesting session this morning going through the original record books from 1926 and 1927 so it’s fantastic to put faces to some of the names we were reading about.

Can’t wait to get the record books scanned in so we can share some of the fascinating snippets…

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