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Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Andy Snowball, Chris Butterworth, Marian Porter, Andy Ball, Sheila Ball?, Giles Whittome, Anne Bravery, Lucy Crouch, Tony Crouch
Third row – Freddie Ball, Charmian Flowerday, Mike John, Katy Surridge
Second Row – Dave Barlow, Rosemary Ball, Terry Roche, Sam Rice
Front row – Jonathan Surridge, Owen Simons, Adele Crouch, Sue Surridge, Steve Earley, Roger Simons, Larry Lamb, Chris Surridge
Date: 2015
Event: Hunstanton Bandstand


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Paul Carter, Nigel Carter, Ken Pearson, Andy Snowball, Andy Ball, Giles Whittome, Terry Roche, ?
Middle rows – Freddie Ball, Lucy Crouch, Brian Edwards, Pippa Cadd, Heather Houghton, Amy Pearson, Jacqueline Cadd, Christine Whinney, Marian Porter, Charmian Flowerday, Graham Smith
Front row – Ben Bouzan, Andy Covington, Owen Simons, Larry Lamb, Sue Surridge, Steve Earley, Roger Simons, John Pye, Jonathan Surridge, Chris Surridge
Date: 2012
Event: Brass in the Park 2012 – Presentations to Life Presidents Roger Simons and Graham Smith


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Giles Whittome, Tom Warner, Chelsie Coates, Hannah ?, Chris Surridge, Katy Surridge, Owen Simons, Nigel Carter
Middle row – Hollie Woodley, Melanie Coates, Terry Roche, Judy Claridge, Marian Porter, Jonathan Surridge, Sue Surridge, Roger Simons, John Pye, Paul Skerry
Front row – Steve Earley
Date: 2009
Event: Presentation of £750 to Christmas charity – Home Start


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Karen Williams, Alan Coughlan, Brian Rose, Tom Warner, Andy Ball, Ken Pearson, Ian Muncey, Hollie Woodley, Melanie Coates
Middle row – Marian Porter, Judy Claridge, Terry Roche, Graham Smith, Charmian Hardwicke (now Flowerday), Katy Surridge, Jason Sczerbecki, Darius ?, Jonathan Surridge
Front row – Chris Surridge, Ben Bouzan, Paul Skerry, Roger Simons, Steve Earley, Sue Surridge, Lisa King, Owen Simons, Andy Covington
Date: 2009
Event: Butlins Mineworkers Open Brass Band Festival 2009


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Graham Smith (back left), Giles Whittome (back middle), Lisa King (Trombone), Roger Simons, Corinne Woodley, Terry Roche, James Richardson (Trombone), Hollie Woodley (Cornet)
Date: 2006
Event: Presentation of cheque from Christmas fundraising to Ichthyosis Support Group


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Lisa King, Becky Smith, Robin Tunnah, Roger Simons, Gavin Bowyer, Ben Bouzan, Alan Goodhall, Keith Atkins, Ian Muncey, Andy Ball
Front row – Paul Farr, John Brutnell, Charmian Hardwicke (now Flowerday), Kathryn Hutchinson, Judith Claridge, Jenny, Graham Farnham, Terry Roche, ?, Marian Porter, ?, Becca Pope (Nee Harper), ? Bowyer
Date: 2004
Event: Whit Friday Marches, outside the Riverhead Brewery in Marsden after Saturday concert


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Les Cullen, Judy Claridge, Terry Roche, Marian Porter, Andrew Sladen, ?, Tom Balch, John Brutnell
Middle row – Dave Kim, ?, Hollie Woodley, Joe Leggett, James Richardson, Georgina Laycock
Front row – Charmian Hardwicke, Trevor Bedford, Brian Edwards, Roger Simons, Lisa King
Date: 2004?
Event: ?


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Andrew Sladen, David Sladen, ?, Graham Smith, Ed Heinzelmann, Georgina Laycock, Robin Tunnah, ?
Middle row – Terry Roche, ?, Tom Balch, Marian Porter, Nigel Butler, Janet Berry, Rebecca Venus, Lisa King
Front row – David ?, Brian Edwards, Sarah Carter, Roger Simons, Owen Simons
Date: 2001?
Event: Christmas Concert at Royston Golf Club


Personnel (left to right):
Lisa King, Owen Simons, Judith Claridge, David Tanton, Colin Wilson, Andrew Sladen, Rebecca Venus, Richard Balsom, Gareth Diggle, Tom Balch, David ?, Alan Huddleston, David Sladen, Andy Ball, Sarah Carter, Nigel Butler, Roger Simons, Keith Atkins, Ed Heinzelmann, Laura Moran, Graham Berridge, Robin Tunnah, Kiran Kapur, Graham Smith, Brian Edwards
Date: 2000
Event: Regional Contest, Stevenage


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Jo Todd, Helen Coleshill, Gavin Bowyer, Helen Tebbit, Kirsty Shewan, Tim Pannel, ?, Philip Lawrance?, Richard Badley, Alison Balsom, Emma Strange, Anthony Dales (Haggis), Louise ?, Luke Aldridge
Middle row – Yan Freeman, Claire Smith, David Lawrance, Clare Higgins, Chris Pannel, Paul Skerry, Paul Strange, Ben Bouzan, Gavin ?, Mike Lloyd, Neil Shewan
Front row – Becky Smith, Richard Balsom, Alan Goodhall, Graham Smith, Morwenna Holman, Derek Desmond (Denzel), Chris Hayes
Date: 1994
Event: Youth Band outside band hut


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Neil Shewan, Luke Aldridge, Derek Desmond (Denzel)
Fourth row back – Roger Simons, Franklyn Drake, Brian Edwards, Becky Smith, Morwenna Holman, Jo Todd, Claire Smith, Yan Freeman, Alison Balsom, Ben Bouzan
Third row back – Helen Tebbit, Nigel Butler, Colin Wilson, Helen Coleshill, John Jacobs, Paul Strange, Alan Broadbent, Robin Tunnah
Second row back – Judith Clarridge, Graham Smith, Alan Goodhall, Kirsty Shewan, Richard Badley
Front row – David Lawrence, Richard Balsom, Philip Lawrence, Mark Strange
Date: 1993
Event: Royston Royal British Legion concert on Rememberance Sunday with ? Reading and Watford contest trophies


Personnel (left to right, back to front): John Doughton, Franklyn Drake
Date: circa 1993
Event: Franklyn presenting John Doughton with his Life President trophy


Artist – E.B. Mehr
Date: 1992
Event: Band playing in Priory Gardens, bought from exhibition in Royston library


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Tim Drake, John Butler, Judy Smith (now Clarridge), Jo Todd, Eric Baker, Adrian Sillence, Robin Plummer, Nigel Butler, Franklyn Drake, Roger Simons
Middle row – Eric Harlow, Peter Wellington, John Doughton, Adele Baker (now Crouch) Graham Smith, Stephen Bunting, Lisa Drake (now King), Siobhan Walker (now Beech), Charles “Slim” Watson
Front row – Andy Covington, Brian Edwards, Emma Willers (now Alecock), Alison Balsom, Richard Badley, Becky Smith, Claire Smith, Robert Cooper, Ted ?
Date: 1986
Event: Formal photo session in Great Chesterford studio


Personnel (left to right): Alison Balsom (soprano cornet), Judy Clarridge (2nd cornet), Emma Strange (2nd cornet), Philip Lawrence (2nd cornet), John Doughton (3rd Cornet), Richard Graves (Principal Cornet), Jo Todd (2nd man down), Slim (Drums), Andy Strange (Double Bb bass), Claire Smith (1st horn), Franklyn Drake (Euphonium), Roger Simons (Baritone), Nigel Butler (Baritone), Lisa Drake (1st trombone), Colin Smith (bumping 1st trombone), Siobhan Walker (2nd trombone), Andrew Todd (bumping 2nd trombone), Graham Smith (Conductor)
Event: Großalmerode


Personnel (left to right, back to front): Back row – Ken Hartley, ?, Mrs Sparrow, Colin Smith, ?
3rd row back – John Doughton, David Doughton, Brian Edwards, Roger Simons, Len Coote
2nd row back – Harold Starr, Ernie Harris, Adrian Norman, Tim Palmer, Peter Norman, Fred Ankers, Franklyn Drake
Front row – Cecil Adams, Ivan Noades, Ken Sparrow, Fred Drake, Percy Beale, Tom Evenett, Douglas Gairdner (‘The Doc’), ?
Date: 1967


Personnel (left to right, back to front): Back row – Brian Edwards, David Shephard, Tim Palmer, George Beale, Ernie Harris, Stephen Noades, Roger Simons, Franklyn Drake
Middle row – John Doughton, ?, Kevin Evenett, Len Coote, John Gray, Ivan Noades, Joey Goddard, Harold Starr
Front row – David Chambers?, Tom Evenett, Fred Drake, Percy Beale, Benny Price, John Forrest?


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Fred Smith, Derek Goddard, Harold Starr, John Doughton, ?, Brian Edwards, Tom Everett
Middle row – ?, Ken Thurley, George Beale, Ernie Hariss, Franklyn Drake, John Gray, ?
Front row – ?, Harry Hanchett, Cecil Adams, Fred Drake, Percy Beale, Graham Harrup, ?, ?
Date: circa 1960
Event: Photo of the band outside the new band room with new uniforms


Personnel (left to right, back to front): Fred Drake, Cecil Adams


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Tom Everett, Brian Edwards, Ivan Noades, John Doughton, Ernie Harris, Harold Starr, Derek Goddard, Fred Smith
Middle row – Jerry Bradnam, Ken Thurley, Harry Glascock, Graham Wilkins, John Gray, George Beale, ?, David Hanchet
Front row – Jim Beale, Sid Day, Cecil Adams, Fred Drake, Graham Harraup, Percy Beale, Peter Norman, Harry Hanchet
Date: circa 1950s


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Brian Edwards (Cornet), John Doughton (Cornet), Derek Goddard, George Beale, Graham Harrup?, Jerry Bradnam, Frank Greenhill (Conductor)
Event: Carols


Personnel (left to right, back to front): Frank Greenhill leading
Event: March down Melbourn Street / Baldock Street, Royston – past the Old Post Office


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Sid Day, Harry Smith, George Beale, Fred Drake, Harry Brown, ?, Jim Beale;
Middle row – Joe Smith, Cecil Adams, Frank Greenhill, ? Thurley, ?;
Front row – Francis Simons, Stan Simons, Ron Sims, Percy Beale
Date: c 1932




Date: c.1926
Event: Remembrance day parade on Spring Lane outside the Rose, Bassingbourn


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Date: 1926


Personnel (left to right, back to front):
Back row – Joe Stockbridge, Bob Hinkins, Frank Greenhill, Francis Simons, Val Mitchell, Percy Hales, Sid Cooper (all cornet)
Middle row – Mr Hummerston (Drums), Alf Pearce (Tenor Horn), Lewin Seeley (Tenor Horn), Jack Hinkins (Tenor Horn), Charles Hinkins (Bandmaster), Isadore Vermalyn (Flugel), Harry Smith (Tenor Horn), Bill Ward (Baritone), Harold Jellis (Baritone)
Front row – George Sharpe (Double B), Amos Greenhill (Band Collector), Cyril Craft (Trombone), David Beale (Trombone), Len Sharpe (Bass Trombone), Alf Smith (Euphonium), Jim Beale (Eb Bass), Sid Day (Eb Bass)
Date: 1923
Event: After winning contest at Soham





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